Okay you’ve got your gold and now you need to get your gear for your adventure. Do you remember how your money works? 10 Pieces of Silver equal 1 Piece of Gold. With that being said, you need to buy your supplies. Remember to write them down on your CHARACTER SHEET and keep track of them


Lantern1 GP
Lantern Fuel (6 Hours)5 SP
Flashlight1 GP
Flashlight Batteries (6 Hours)5 SP
Matches (300)5 SP
Flint and Steel5 SP
5 Candles (3 Hours Each)5 SP
2 Torches (2 Hours Each)5 SP
Multi tool1 GP
Compass1 GP
Sextant3 GP
Hand Mirror1 GP
Spyglass1 GP
Binoculars2 GP
Rope (50’)1 GP
Tent2 GP
Foldable Cot5 SP
Clothesline1 SP
Stakes5 SP
Mallet5 SP
Cookware (Utensils, Pot, and Pan)1 GP
Canteen (1 Day of Water)1 GP
Blanket3 SP
Fishing Pole and Tackle1 GP
Axe3 GP
Hatchet1 GP
Folding Shovel1 GP
Pencil / Paper1 SP
Flares (7)1 GP
Rations (7 Days)5 GP
Anti-Venom (5 Doses)5 GP
Gloves5 SP
Raincoat and Boots3 GP
Backpack2 GP
Jungle Hat (Fedora)1 GP
Pith Helmet1 GP
Bandana2 SP
Snake Bite Kit1 GP
First Aid Kit1 GP
Camera (36 Pics of film)5 GP
Film (36 Pics)5 SP
Bug Spray5 SP
Towel2 SP
Harmonica2 SP
Guitar5 SP
Accordion5 SP
Walking Stick5 SP
Storage Sacks (5)5 SP
Flare Gun (4 Flares)2 GP
Flare Gun Flares (4)1 GP
Hand Flares (10)1GP
Holster1 GP
Quiver (Holds 20 Arrows)2 GP


Hunting Knife1 GP
Bowie Knife2 GP
Machete3 GP
Webley Mark 6 Revolver .45 (6 Shot)25 GP
Colt .45 Semi-Auto (7 Shot)25 GP
.45 Winchester 1876 Carbine Rifle (10 Shots)50 GP
Thompson Sub Machine Gun (50 Shots)70 GP
.45 Ammo (25 Rounds)5 GP
Thompson .45 Ammo (50 Rounds)10 GP
Winchester 1912 Shotgun (6 Shots)50 GP
Shotgun Ammo (6 Rounds)3 GP
Dynamite (2 Sticks)10 GP
Bow3 GP
Arrows (10)5 SP