To start your grand adventure, we need to know who you are. So, you have to create a CHARACTER! This is who you will be while you play the game (or until you die! Mwa ha ha!) Sorry, I digress. At the end of this booklet, you will find a character sheet. You should make several copies as might need to make more than one in case (Mwa hah ha!) or your friends might need some as well. Remember to keep a BLANK in case you need more, or you can download more here.

NAME: You character will need a name. Try to be original! You can’t have a group of adventurers all named Indiana Jones. There’s only one Henry Jones Jr. And, hey, Lady, you call him Doctor Jones! Try Arkansas Smith instead. Or try Disaster Sarah instead of Calamity Jane. Whatever floats your boat.

OCCUPATION: What do you do for a living? Soldier, Tailor, Tinker, Spy? Teacher, Cartographer, Inventor, Scientist? Explorer, Hunter, Treasure Seeker, Archeologist? You make the call! But remember the years your working in. The job must fit with those years.

LEVEL: When you create a character, you start at LEVEL 1. Each task you complete is worth so many points. At the end of each adventure, the GM or GAME MASTER will total up your points and tell you how many you have earned. See the LEVEL ADVANCEMENT CHART to see how many points you need to get to the next LEVEL.

LEVEL POINTS: At the beginning, you have a whopping 0 LEVEL POINTS. But as you progress, you will get more. At the end of each adventure, the GM will assign you points. These points will be written in the LEVEL POINTS section of your CHARACTER SHEET.



MONEY: As a first-time character, we don’t want anyone to start the game broke. That comes later. So, beside MONEY, you will see GP and SP. These stand for Gold Pieces and Silver Pieces. 10 Pieces of Silver equal 1 Piece of Gold. Everyone understand that? Let me explain that so it will make sense: If you buy a box of matches that cost 5 Silver Pieces and you give the merchant 1 Gold Piece. The Merchant will give you the matches and 5 Silver Pieces back. You paid 5 Silver Pieces for the matches, and you got 5 Silver Pieces in change. (Or if it’s easier, think of it like this: a gold piece is worth $1 and a Silver Piece is worth a dime) To find out how much money you have to start with, you roll 1d10 (a ten-sided die) and then multiply that number by 10. In other words, let’s say you roll a 7. You then multiply it by 10 and get 70. You can now write 70 next to GP. Silver will come when you start spending your money.

LIFE POINTS: Think of this as your video game life bar. As this number goes down, so does your life. The problem with this is, you don’t get to regenerate. When this bar hits 0, you’re dead. Dead, dead, deadsky. To start, your character will roll 1d20 (a twenty-sided die) to determine how many LIFE POINTS they have. At the end of each adventure a character can reset their points to their original number. After achieving a new LEVEL, the character will roll a 1d10 (a ten-sided die) and add that number to their LIFE POINTS and adjust up accordingly.

DEFENSE POINTS: How strong is your skin? Or your clothes? Are you wearing a primitive bullet-proof vest? Defense points are what we use to calculate this. For a full explanation of how this is used, see HITTING AN ENEMY later in the PDF. For now, we need to figure out what your DEFENSE POINTS are. You need to roll a 1d8 (an eight-sided die). This is the number you will put in your DEFENSE POINTS shield. After achieving a new LEVEL, the character will roll a 1d4 (a four-sided die) and add that number to their DEFENSE POINTS and adjust up accordingly. Many things throughout the game can adjust or temporarily boost this number (i.e., Special native armor, rhino hide vest, etc.)


What are your Attributes? They are the core parts that make up your character. We all have things that make us what we are. Some of us are smarter, while some of us are stronger, or faster. Very few are everything. And if they’re playing the game fairly, then It’s by pure luck that these characters of Super gargantuan qualities exist. All your attributes are listed below. You will roll a 1d20 (a twenty-sided die) to determine each one. And remember, for the sake of fair play, not everyone is the Kwisatz Haderach (Look it Up) so accept your scores with humility. Unless you roll a 1, then it’s okay to roll again.

STRENGTH: This determines your muscular strength. The problem is, if you have a 20, it means you have a teenie-tiny head on an enormous body. Does that make sense? Just kidding. STRENGTH can help you when it comes to certain tasks throughout the game.

SPEED: Are you quick? You better hope so! When those jungle cats are racing after you, you better hope you’re faster than they are. Or at least faster than the rest of your group!

AGILITY: The headhunters are shooting at me with blowguns! What can I do? Well, how Agile are you? Maybe you can dodge them!

HAND-EYE: This attribute covers your hand-eye coordination. Can you throw your knife? Maybe a spear? Can you shoot straight? It could make all the difference in the world.

WISDOM: How wise are you? Do you know the ways of the world? Including the real world? That knowledge counts in The Island.

CLEVERNESS:  How quick do you understand concepts? How fast can you decipher codes? Are you smarter than you think you are? Well, this will tell you for sure. Remember: there are two types of people in this world. Those who can extrapolate information from incomplete data and …


Now it’s time to spend your gold! Remember, you have to keep track of what you spend and subtract from your character’s MONEY. On the next page you will find a sample CHARACTER SHEET so you can see what one looks like filled out. On the following pages you will find the things you need to spend your MONEY on as well as a blank CHARACTER sheet. Remember, you can always download them if you need them here.

You can only spend your MONEY at the START OF THE ADVENTURE! You cannot buy more supplies once the adventure starts UNLESS you find a trading post along the way or you can try to buy items from another player, who can then jack up the price! So, spend your MONEY wisely! Also, based on your AGILITY, you can steal items from other characters. Just don’t get caught!